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i’m a copywriter/creative director driven by a passion for great advertising, into which i direct all of my strategic and conceptual energy.  with roughly 20 years in this business, i've come to look at my brands as if they were my children. at first they demand massive amounts of attention, cause many sleepless nights and give little indication of how they’ll evolve. like any good dad, i start with the fundamentals—managing a myriad of basic needs (yes, sometimes the creative strategy smells a little funny and needs to be changed).

next, i formulate a long-term developmental plan to ensure not only that the brand survives, but that it has the best chance to reach its full potential.  after devoting myself to nurturing of a brand, the day comes when something suddenly changes and i start to see a unique personality emerge—a personality that i can see...a little bit of myself in, yet entirely its own creature. that’s when things really start to get interesting! 

i’ve worked on launches of several global brands including ambien cr, relistor, amyvid, milprosa, striverdi and most recently movantik, but i love my adopted brands just the same. And I can honestly say i’m very proud of all of them (you may even find pictures of them on my iPhone). 

so what’s my usp, you ask?  a unique perspective and approach to creative strategy. i harness my diverse background and experience, channeling that energy into a creative spirit that makes strategic objectives come to life. i’ve demonstrated the ability to frame a brand platform with creative vision—reflecting the mission and values of a brand—and communicate it’s essence across a full range of channels.

specialties: aesthetics, allergy, alzheimer’s, assisted reproduction, asthma, cardiovascular, cns, copd, diabetes, dermatology, gastrointestinal, hyperuricemia/gout, infection, oncology, pain management, rheumatoid arthritis, smoking cessation, and women’s health/gyn


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