radio spot (:30)

male voice (sounds like dr. suess)


as everyone scattered, ray had a thought,

he didn’t have as many friends as he thought that he ought.

why do they run? why do they scowl?

what is about me they find so foul foul foul?

i’m certainly not mean and i’m a good looking guy,

yet everyone shudders every time i say hi.

what ray didn’t know and what made people cringe,

was the fact that his breath smelled like old cheese in the fridge.

when ray would begin speaking everyone would shout out,

“women and children first!” even dogs held their snouts.

a friend then suggested that ray try something new,

long lasting breath assure should take care of that p u.

ray’s friend was right. breath assure did the trick.

he’s much more popular now that he got rid of that ick.

now ray’s the man and be it as well that he should.

because fresh breath is better and better is good.


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© Rob Quandt